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    Zapper903 is here


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    Zapper903 is here

    Post  Zapper903 on Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:58 pm

    umm ok idk what Bike is doing...he needs more forums lol um anyway i'm Zapper903 bike boy probally already knows me =/ um anyway i'm 13 almost 14 2/23 woot i play alot of sports hockey,basketball,football im in 7th grade and Bike's site is awesome i go there now becuz well um chewy told me not to tell but him and mohd are done...chewy quit mohds ya GO TO BIKES BLOG NOW! and um ya you can also contact me on the cp forums : Dock penguins,CPC(Club Penguin Cheat),cpp,cpt,(was apart of Dojo penguins untill Plonk and his group came so just thought i would say hi

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